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Teenagers and Cosmetic Surgery

Things to expect

Breast augmentation Is a Sort of operation, so patients desire To consider carefully before choosing the procedure.

Before an operation, the surgeon ought to help the patient pick the size of the implant needed. This could be accomplished by putting different sized implants to some bra, to observe how they feel.

A general anesthetic is usually used so that the patient is asleep during plastic surgery in Thailand. Sometimes a local anesthetic can be used, and also the patient remains awake.

The choice of incision depends on several factors, including How much improvement is involved, the individual’s body, the type of implant, and surgeon-patient preference.

Inserting and placing an implant The breast implants can be inserted into a pocket.

There are two kinds of placement:

A submuscular positioning goes underneath the pectoral muscle. Retrieval may take more, and there could be pain following the operation. A submammary, or sub-glandular, positioning goes behind the breast tissue, over the pectoral muscle.

Closing the incisions

The surgeon closes the incisions with layered sutures, or Stitches, at the breast implants. Stitches, skin adhesives, and surgical tape close to the pores and skin and keep it closed. Initially, the incision lines will probably soon be visible, but those will fade as time passes.

Assessing the outcomes

Surgery will render some swelling, but this ought to solve Within two or three weeks. The incision lines will also fade. After this, the individual will be in a position to determine whether the procedure met her tastes.


As the anesthetic wears off, the patient will be given Infection to ease the pain.

After general anesthesia, the patient Won’t be able to drive. They should arrange for a buddy to take them home.

Absorbable, or even dissolvable, sutures typically disappear within six weeks.

If the patient has sutures that do not dissolve, or should Drainage tubes are all placed nearby the breasts, and a followup appointment will soon be necessary to take them off.

The medical team should provide the following information:

How to care for the breasts after the process

The Way to Make Use of the prescribed drugs

When to attend a followup visit

When to call your doctor

The patient must seek medical assistance promptly should they experience:

Some indication of diseases, such as temperature, or warmth and redness At the breast area

Chest pains, unusual heartbeats, or shortness of breath The patient should not participate in strenuous physical activities for about six weeks.

Your doctor may advise about some exercises that are postoperative, Such as flexing and moving the arms, to relieve distress and pain, and what type of bra to use.

Risks and complications

Every medical procedure has risks.

Among those who undergo breast reconstruction, 46 percentage Of women with saline implants and 21 percent of people with saline implants had at least one additional operation within three years.

Twenty-five percent of women with saline implants and 25 percent of Those with silicone implants had surgery to remove the apparatus.

Nearly 50 percent of these having cosmetic breast Augmentation encounter some complication, as an instance, pain, tingling, disease, or the demand for additional operation.

Some of the dangers and complications associated with breast Enhancement include:

Painful breasts


Sensation in the breast, the nipples, either or equally, can change Temporarily.

Rupturing or draining of this augmentation


Fluid accumulation

Capsular contracture describes a hardening of the Space Around the implant. It can distort the shape of the augmentation, and it can cause pain.

The consequences may become red, thick, and painful. Some times they Require additional operation.