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Dealing with Council Tax arrears

If you’ve missed a write off council tax debt, you are in arrears’ – this means that you spend less to a council.

Do not wait for them to contact you. You need to get in touch with your council straight away!. Asks to speak to someone in the Council Tax office and also tell them all about your situations.

If you ignore Council Tax arrear, it’s likely your council will merely take you to court immediately to receive all the cash at the same time. You will have to pay for court fees and potentially bailiff expenses as well as your debt, that may add hundreds of pounds to your bill.

Council Tax arrears is a priority debt’. This means you want to cover it before debts such as credit cards.

Should you have more than one debt, then you should read that our’get help with debt’ guide  / contact your nearest Citizens Advice.

In case you can not pay your Council Tax.

Ask your council if they’ll let you cover your Council Tax in smaller numbers.

You’ll probably be requested to dedicate to paying a reasonable amount each month. If you’re not confident how much you can afford, you need to use our budgeting tool or speak to an expert adviser at Citizens Advice.

If you’re looking for a low income, then you could find a way to get a discount on your Council Tax charge.

If you overlook a Council Tax payment

You will get a reminder from the council about two weeks after you miss a payment.

If you buy within seven days, you won’t need to accomplish anything else. Your debt will likely be evident, and you’re going to be able to keep on paying your Council Tax at installments.

Examine the letter you receive from the council to make sure you pay your Council Tax arrears into the comprehensive banking accounts.

If you do not pay within Seven Days of this reminder

In the event you don’t pay within seven days of this deadline (or if it is the 3rd time you’ve been overdue with Council Tax payments this year), the council may send you some’final notice.’

The final notice will inform you to pay for all your Council Tax for the remaining part of the season within seven days.

In case you do not pay within seven days of the final notice.

Your council will generally affect the courts for consent to collect the debt from you – that is known as a liability order’. They may send out a bailiff to your home or withdraw money from the pay.

The courtroom may take cash from rewards obligations like:

Income Support

Jobseeker’s Allowance

Pension Credit

Universal Credit

If the court provides the council a liability arrangement, you’ll have to pay the total cost of the court penalties. You may additionally have to pay for bailiff feess.

You can read one more information about what to do when bailiffs are on your doorstep.

If you still don’t pay

In extreme cases, you could go into prison, but generally just if you are deliberately not paying your Council Tax.

IVA or Debt Management Plan (DMP)?

Being in debt can become a somewhat stressful burden in your lifetime. You’re continuously getting invoices which you can’t cover, and everywhere you turn someone was speaking in their credit history. There’s a getaway.

Get your write off council tax debt in check by merely investing in purchases which you require. Lots of men and women buy things they can’t afford on the urge. This is among the top reasons for all debt. Believing you can provide some stuff since you usually do not need to cover all of it at the same time may result in liability.

When you’ve discovered yourself over your face, have a deep breath. Sit back and work out the amount of money you earn a month, and also just how much money you need to pay for in bills a month. Require a couple of invoices and place more dough aside to them. Attempt to make the minimum payments on everybody. Once you draw down the balances to some invoices, the others of these should be easier to conquer.

Telephone creditors. Inform them of your existing circumstance and which you intend to pay for them. Most of all cover your invoices! You will never be indebted forever. Sitting to an excellent tight cover, a short duration of one’s own life would be well worth the impression that you have once you do not spend money.