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The Most Influential Pages in Cannabis Comic Book History

After studying Berenson’s publication, you will suddenly Begin discovering pot-induced Murders around.

Just two weeks ago from cannabis comics, Calif., a preliminary hearing was held in The case of Bryn Spejcher, a highly applied, well-educated 28-year-old without a Criminal history or record of emotional illness.

Boyfriend to death — smoking marijuana for the first time.

On May 28, 2018, police arrived in Chad O’Melia’s flat approximately Inch a.m. to Find Bryn kneeling over his dead body. As soon as Bryn watched the deputies, she Took the 8-inch serrated knife she had been holding and stabbed herself in the neck.

The coroner testified that Chad had been stabbed 108 times, from his head to His heart twice. Bryn’s Siberian husky was stabbed.

Bryn told police she had never smoked pot before and wanted to attempt it, but when She believed nothing, Chad said he’d give her something more”intense.” After one

Puff from the bong, she said she felt like she had been dying, ran to the toilet, Back to Chad and began frantically stabbing him as voices were

I am telling her to continue fighting to remain alive.

A forensic scientist from the crime laboratory affirmed that no medication Aside from THC Was found in Bryn’s bloodstream without a drug other than THC was present from the bong.

The Los Angeles Times has yet to mention this case.