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Most Popular Types of Massage for Women

Hypertension has become a significant issue during the World, especially in developing countries like Iran. As it’s a significant risk factor for coronary artery heart disease, even smallish reductions in the prevalence could have potentially substantial public health benefits. massage for women Among the complementary procedures, massage provides a fruitful way to lower blood pressure. If nurses comprehend the adventures of hypertensive patients becoming massage, then they could use massage effectively within their maintenance plan.

Materials and Methods:

This is just a descriptive phenomenological study. In-depth Interviews were conducted with nine pre-hypertensive women who received Swedish massage three times per week at a total of 10 sessions, with each session lasting 10 15 min. Then, the researcher ran an interview utilizing a grand tour question (open-ended question) as well as the participants were subsequently encouraged to speak freely explaining their thoughts and feelings about the experience of massage. Data analysis was achieved by Colaizzi’s method. Validity and reliability were obtained through measures such as real price, applicability, persistence, and authenticity.


Women evaluated massage-therapy positively. The findings Yielded six topics, for example, relaxation, sleeping better, loss of anxiety and tension, reduction of fatigue, invigorating experience, improve linking.


This research demonstrates that a body-centered intervention Like massage might be invaluable in a multidisciplinary way of women using prehypertension. This procedure isn’t hard to understand and relatively short (10-15 minutes ) to manage as a suitable complement in nursing care with this type of patients.